university of pennsylvania; microbiology lab


W+CO designed interior renovations to 6,000 square feet of the Dr. Meaney Laboratories in the Towne Building to accommodate a new Microbiology Lab for the University of Pennsylvania’s Molecular Neuroengineering studies. Studies in the Meaney Labs are related to Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), a unique health challenge because it involves both mechanical and biochemical events. At the Meaney Labs, bioengineers and neuroscientists conduct research to tackle TBI on both fronts, employing molecular biology tools combined with computational neuroscience, high-speed imaging of neural network activity, and neurobehavior. W+CO’s work for this project created new Lab areas within an existing academic building. A new, public corridor was defined to allow for a series of continuous lab spaces along with extensive mechanical system upgrades. The architectural program called for a new Tissue Laboratory, Microscopy Laboratories, Microbiology Lab, darkroom, computer carrels and workstations. The construction cost for this renovation was $1,400,000.

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